Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cram Session

To say that I am behind on my scrapbooking might be an understatement.  A couple of years ago I printed a TON of pictures and took the time to separate them into different events and then filed them into page protectors in the many albums I have. And there they have sat. And sat and sat. The pictures are from 2009- 3 years ago. Since I have printed those pictures, we added 2 more kids to our family, moved, and so much more. That equates to a lot of scrapbooking backup.  Because I want to spend more time trying out new techniques, I decided that I needed to do a scrapbooking cram session.

What is a cram session?    1. Pull out all photos and separate them into events.    2. Pair each photo set with a sketch.     3. Pair each photo sketch/sketch with a paper collection and place them together. 4. Ready, set, scrap!

Last week I got a bunch set up and completed 14 layouts in 2 days. Because I NEED to get things done, I didn't worry too much about adding anything extra and just sticking with what was in the kit.  Occasionally I would remember something I had that would go great with it and just quickly dug it out and slapped it on.  They didn't end up being my favorite layouts, but for the most part I like them and are glad they are completed.

Here are my completed projects:

 Echo Park "Walk in the Park"

 Fancy Pants "Love Birds"

 Doodlebug "Color Coordinates Lovely Lime"

 Echo Park "For the Record" 

 Bella Blvd.

 American Crafts "Nightfall"

 Basic Grey "Olivia"

 Crate Paper

 Creative Imaginations

 Echo Park "Playground"

 MME "Good Day, Sunshine"

 Bo Bunny "Sunkissed"

 Fancy Pants "Dancing Girl"

Echo Park "Little Boy"

Because I got so much done, I decided to do another cram session. I raided my girls scrapbooks and put together 34 picture/sketches/paper packs.  I am excited to get those completed because then I will be pretty much caught up with my older girls books.  (I decided in 2010 to stop scrapping every single moment and just the major ones. Most of my Mid-week Mojo's will in the 2010 and 2011 events.)Here's to getting caught up!

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  1. Staci, holy cow woman you amaze me. How in the world did you get this much done?!!! WOW!. so cute too.