Saturday, March 10, 2012

Basic Grey Brads and Buttons Shoe Tutorial

I had so much fun making these for the Blog Hop.  These super fun and easy shoes were a blast to make and a hit with my daughter.

1 pair of canvas shoes (any size and color)
We R Crop-A- Dile
Felt (whatever color you prefer)
Hot Glue
Needle and thread (I chose black, but whatever color you'd like)
Basic Grey Brads and Buttons

Step 1: Mark pattern and then punch holes in shoes using Crop-A- Dile. (I found that the smallest hole punch worked the best as it didn't let the brads slip through.)

Step 2: Insert and attach all brads.

Step 3: Grab your needle and thread and sew on those buttons!

Step 4: Cut the colored felt to cover the height of the shoe heel area and long enough to cover all the brads. I also cut a piece to cover the brads on the shoe tongue.  Apply hot glue and affix felt to inside of shoe, being sure to cover all brads.

Step 5: Admire a job well done.

Step 6: Place those fabulous new shoes on some adorable feet and you are set!


  1. What great ideas Staci! I really love the shoes.

  2. LOVE the shoe idea! Fabulous!!

  3. you are so creative. yet another reason i need a crop a dile!

  4. I love the mobile and the shoes are neat also.